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Privacy Statement

The Mobile SCD Crib app only presents data from the web in the form of data, diagrams and youtube videos.

No user data are collected locally on your device or transmitted back to any server.

Downloaded data including dance titles and crib notes are stored on your device locally for offline access.


Build a list of dances by entering at least 5 letters in the title you are looking for in the search area, tap on that title in the dropdown and it will be added to your list of dances. The more characters entered in the search, the more refined the search will be. A long dropdown list of titles can be scrolled through.

The dance can be deleted from the list by swiping right or left. You have an option of undoing the delete immediately at the bottom of the screen.

The list can be reordered by pressing and holding down on a title and moving the title either up or down the list.

The whole list can be deleted by choosing "Clear current list" from the dropdown menu at the top right of the screen.

A list can be saved by choosing "Save/Rename list" from the dropdown menu and then you can name the list you are saving. Saved lists can be retrieved by choosing "Display saved lists" from the dropdown menu and then tap beside the list name you wish to access.

Once in the desired list you can add, delete or reorder the list.

To delete a saved list, retrieve the list then choose "Clear current List" from the dropdown menu. Note: the Primary list is automatically saved from session to session so if you are only working with one list there is no need to save the list.

To see the crib, diagram, video of the dance and more information on the dance, tap on the dance name in the list.

The detail page will load. You can move between the Crib / Diagram / Video(s ) / More info tabs by swiping right or left or by pressing the tabs at the top of the display.

The video tab will display the first video at the top and thumbnails of all the videos available. Press the thumbnail you wish to display and it will appear in the area at the top. Press the arrow on the display at the top and the video will play.

On android devices and iphones (but not iPads) pressing the [ ] at the bottom right hand of the youtube controls will play the video full screen in landscape mode.

To download a public list from SCDDB, tap on the dropdown menu on the list page and choose "Load Public List from SCDDB"

Enter the list number (4 or 5 digits) displayed at the top of the web page when you display it on the SCDDB page. Then enter the name you wish to use to save the list by in the app.

All the dances on the list will download.

If you don't see the list appear in the background, the number you entered either doesn't exist or is a private list. Either enter another number or press cancel on the display

You can add personal notes for this dance. This may be used , for example, by teachers for teaching notes or dancers to keep track with whom they have booked to dance the dance.

To enter a note, tap on the menu symbol on the top right hand corner of the screen. A popup box will be displayed and you can enter any text you wish.

Once the note is entered, tap on the save button below to save the note. The note will then be dispayed in the "more info" tab on the dance

To delete the note, open the note menu and press the delete button at the bottom of the popup box

NOTE - the personal note will only exist for the dance you add it to. Once that dance or list that dance is included in is deleted, the note will also be deleted.